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Thank you for selecting Coldwell Banker Select Homes for your real estate transaction.  You can read more about Coldwell Banker here.

You've decided to sell your house.  You know that there are probably certain upgrades, repairs, and changes that would make your house more attractive to buyers, but you don't want to spend a fortune.  Here are some articles that may give you some ideas for making your property more attractive to buyers:

Click here for:  "How to Limit Spending When Getting A Home Ready to Sell"

Click here for:  'Small Upgrades That Go A Long Way"

Click here for:  "Tiny Changes That Can Go A Long Way When Selling Your Home"

Click here for:  "Improve Your Curb Appeal For Less"

Click here for:  "Five Tips on How to Sell Your Home in A Competitive Market"

Staging your home for an Open House is part of the home selling process.  You can read about home staging here.

Your agent has set up an Open House.  You may be tempted to stay for it.  Should you?  Generally, the answer is "no".  Read why here.

If your property doesn't sell immediately, it can be upsetting, but you need to keep your emotions in check.  This article talks about why cool heads are needed during the home selling process.

Of course you are interested in what the net proceeds of the sale will be.  This printable worksheet can help you estimate the net proceeds of sale.

There are tax issues to be considered when selling a home.  This article explains some of them.  Please note that this article is offered for information purposes only; you should always consult with your tax advisor or accountant for a full explanation of tax issues relative to your particular situation.

IRS Publication 523 can provide you with more information about taxes and the sale of your home.  The current link relates to preparing 2012 tax returns; we will update this link when the new publication is available.  It can still provide pertinent information.





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